Our Awards

In encouraging our pilots to be the best they can, TuiVA believes in awarding the most deserving pilots on a regular basis. With a wide range of awards to be given, TuiVA believes every pilot should get a fair chance in being regonised and rewarded. So pilots, come and grab what rightfully belongs to you and we would be more than happy to hand it to you.

First log This award is given to a pilot when he succesfully logs his first flight
We Hear You This award is for a pilot who has the best suggestion for TuiVA to further the VA's cause and keep it exceptional in Infinite Flight.
Exceptional Staff Member Who better than the guy who has put in the most behind the scenes to keep us all happy. This award is for the staff member who shows exceptional character in keeping the VA running. Aaaand, the pilots to get pick this award by common, anonymous vote.
Pilot of the Month This award is granted to the pilot of the month in recognition for the maximum number of hours flown in a month on the Expert Server.
Diehard Disciplinarian This award is for the member who displays true professionalism in conduct and flying for the VA which is reflected both internally and external to the VA.
Golden Eagle Award This award would be granted to the pilot who finishes 50 hours flying time for the VA.
Silver Falcon Award This award would be granted to a pilot who achieves 25 hours flying time with the VA.
Bronze Bird Award This award would be given to a pilot for completing 10 hours with the VA.