Our Rank Structure

Access to our world class fleet at TuiVA comes with some hard work. But tarry not! All you have to do is fly with the best and biggest charter airline of the world to uncover exotic locations and dream destinations.
Come, fly with us and work your way up to the top.

TuiVA Rank Chart

Hours Rank Available Liveries
Less than 1 hour Novice Cessna 172
Less than 5 hours Trainee E190 (Generic)
5 hours Cadet A320 Generic + previous aircarts
15 hours Jr First Officer B737, A321 Generic + previous aircrafts
25 hours First Officer B757, A333 + previous aircrafts
50 hours Jr Captain B738, B767 + previous aircrafts
75 hours Captain B788 + previous aircrafts
100 hours Senior Captain B789 + previous aircrafts